Coating Equipment

When it comes to coating, flexibility is essential.  Mascoe’s coating machines are not limited to one type of coating or one type of product.  The majority of them can run multiple types of fabrics and chemicals.  It does not matter if the chemical buy essays is silicone or latex based, a Mascoe machine can process them with very little or no change to the set up.

Our most popular models are our System 4 Coaters.  They offer the following features:

  1.  Stainless and Aluminum Construction

  2. Patented Adjustable Chemical Retaining Trough

  3. Patented Automatic Seam Pass

  4. PLC Control

  5. Vertical and Horizontal Movement of Blade Position

  6. Digital Indication of Moveable Positions

  7. Recipe Recall

Mascoe will assist in determining which System 4 Coater is best suited for a customer’s coating needs.

control panel2