5TC Coater

The 5TC Coater is traditional coating with updated design elements.  It has all of the features of a System 4 Coater (Coater Tab) but it sits over the rails of the tenter frame just before the drying oven.  The advantage of this system is that the fabric gets stretched before applying the coating.  Upholstery coating is typically done this way to ensure that the fabric gets a full coating coverage.

Other fabrics that require water resistance, complete coverage or stabilization can benefit from using this machine.

The 5TC Coater offers the following:

  1.  Interchangeable Width Blades and Troughs

  2. Interchangeable Rolls

  3. Oscillating Chemical Feed System

  4. Chemical Level Control of Trough

It offers Three coating positions:

  1.  Knife Over Roll

  2. Floating Knife

  3. Knife Over Foam Table

One of the benefits of this type of coating is that it offers bidirectional tension when properly equipped.  If the tenter system is equipped with a tensioning system to stabilize incoming fabric then linear tension is achieved.  When the fabric goes onto the tenter and is stretched then width tension is achieved.  With the coating occurring after this point then the fabric is at the most stabilized point.

  5TC Diagram