5KC Coater

Mascoe 5KC Coater is one of the most widely used coaters in the industry.  It is an off-frame coater or sits before the tenter entry.  It is primarily used for fabrics that are stable in nature and will not stretch much once they are put onto the tenter or do not require tentering.

In addition to the features that are described in the Coating Machines Tab, the 5KC Coater offers the following:

  1.  Guidable End Dams

  2. Trough Conforming End Dams

  3. Oscillating Chemical Feed System

  4. Chemical Level Control of Trough

It offers four coating positions:

  1.  Knife Over Roll

  2. Floating Knife

  3. Knife Over Gap Table

  4. Knife Over Foam Table

This coater can be used for very technical fabrics or basic fabric type coating.

Both thick viscosity and high blow ratio foams are processed using this machine.  At the same time very low viscosity chemicals can be processed using the same machine.

5KC Diagram.png